Preserving Peter Gregg’s Standards for the Future of the Automotive Industry

Peter Gregg Foundation seeks to attract, educate, train and support future performance sports car mechanics and engineers.

Founded by Peter’s son, Simon Gregg, the foundation will award five scholarships annually to talented individuals aged 17-to-21 with a heart and hunger for working on cars.

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Scholarships Available

We are Looking for the Next Motorsports Mechanics and Engineers

5 Scholarships 

Do you have a passion for motorsports? Apply for one of five scholarships for hands-on training with veteran mechanics, pit crew professionals and Simon Gregg.

You’ll live and work for three months in Jacksonville, Florida, where you’ll dismantle and rebuild a Porsche 944 Turbo to Peter “Perfect” race-ready standards, working side-by-side with industry professionals.

Once you and your fellow scholarship winners complete the Porsche rebuild, you’ll join Simon and his pit crew for a track day and a race day.

Friends and family welcome to see you at work with our crew!

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Professional Internship

After you graduate from the training program, you’ll earn a spot at a top-notch car shop or race team.


Do you have what it takes? Apply for a Peter Gregg Foundation Scholarship here.