If you are passionate about motorsports and interested in seeing if The Peter Gregg Foundation Scholarship is right for you, please read carefully and wither fill out the digital application or download the PDF to fill out later.


Scholarships Available

We are looking for the next motorsports mechanics and engineers.

5 Scholarships 

Do you have a passion for motorsports? We will be selecting five winners for full scholarships to kick start your career in motorsports.


Not only will we help you with the schooling, we will place you in a one-year internship in a race shop or on a race team.


Each group will also work together with Simon Gregg to build a race-ready Porsche that will compete by the end of the year.




The purpose of the Peter Gregg Foundation Scholarships are to provide program scholarship awards to students who have shown a career interest in professional sports car mechanics and engineering. One scholarship award has been designated to honor an disabled individual. Disability is not limited to physical, it includes mental, financial and other disabilities. 


Five scholarship awards are available annually. Awards are for one year only. All scholarship awards will be paid directly to the recipients and required to be used at. Recipients will receive a three-month internship in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL at 59 Motorsports to work on a project Porsche street car, the end goal will be to make the Porsche race ready. After the three-month internship, each scholarship winner will be sent to a year-long apprenticeship at different designated programs across the country working alongside renowned sports car mechanics and engineers. 


  1. Applicants must be 16-24 age (current student in good standing or a high school graduate/GED within the past year).
  2. Applicants must show a passion and interest in the racing field.
  3. Applicants must be US citizens. 

Peter Gregg Foundation Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, sex, religion, age, national origin or sexual orientation. PGF will not award scholarships to applicants who are not qualified and reserves the right not to award a scholarship in a given year. 

Selection Criteria 

  1. Demonstrated or expressed interest and passion for the sport of racing. 
  2. Student statement stating the applicant’s qualifications and educational and career goals.  
  3. Three letters of recommendation (at least one letter from a teacher, mentor or supervisor).

Video submission (minimum of 45 seconds, max of three minutes).

Application Requirements

To be considered for a Peter Gregg Foundation Scholarships, applicants must complete an application and return it to PGF by July 1st. The application must include: 

  1. A completed application form. Only completed application forms will be considered. 
  2. Three letters of recommendation with at least one from a teacher mentor or supervisor. 
  3. An official high school or GED transcript for the last two years. 
  4. A one page (< 500 words) statement stating the applicant’s qualifications and educational and career goals. 
  5. A video submission emailed to [email protected], subject line must include applicant’s name and year of submission.

All five of the above items must be submitted before the application will be considered. 

Submission of Application Form 

The application form starting on page 3 is a fillable pdf file. Print and fill it out completely. Note that the application requires a signature. You have the option to scan it as a pdf or mail in the printed application. 

For the statement of qualifications and education please attach a separate page.   

Completed application forms can be sent as a pdf file to [email protected]. Please include the applicant’s last name as part of the file name.

Alternatively, completed printed applications may be mailed to:  

The PGF Scholarship Program
Peter Gregg Foundation
4285 Mickler Rd.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 

Submission of Letters of Recommendation 

Letters of recommendation should be sent as pdf files (with the name of the applicant as part of the file name) directly from the author to [email protected].  Alternatively, letters can be mailed to the PGF Scholarship Program at the mailing address at the end of this application.  The letter should indicate the capacity in which the letter writer knows the applicant, e.g. as a student, employee, or other capacity. 

Questions about the application process may be directed to [email protected]

Note that all application materials must be received by July 1st.

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